AT&T Prepaid


No annual contract | No credit check | No activation fee

Freedom of Prepaid on America's Largest and Most Reliable 5G Network

International messaging with AT&T PREPAID to over 100 countries (see details)

International Calling Rates (see details)

$50 Unlimited Monthly Plan: For all data usage, you may temporarily experience reduced speeds during times of network congestion. Video streaming limited to a max of 1.5Mbps at Standard Definition quality (about 480p). 

$65 Unlimited Monthly Plan: After 22GB of data usage on a line in one monthly term, for the remainder of the term you may temporarily experience reduced speeds during times of network congestion.

After 10GB, hotspot speed limited to max of 128Kbps. For use in U.S. only.

Includes unlimited calling and texting within and between the U.S., Mexico, and Canada and use of your plan’s data in Mexico or Canada. Both the number of texts and number of voice minutes used, made, or received in Mexico and Canada cannot exceed 50% of the total number of texts or voice minutes in a month for any consecutive three-month period, or service may be terminated. Limited availabilityin select markets outside the U.S.

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